Travelling Again? 4 Ways to Rewire Your Travel Habits

Our backpacks had enough of sitting inside the cupboard. Our shoes are waiting for being dusted and worn again to get dirty. It's time we free them and our spirits too to go travel as states like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh open their doors to the wanderers. But our travel will never remain as earlier. Our spirits may not fly high and as freely as it used to when exploring our favorite destinations. COVID has changed everything 'travel'. There will always be a fear factor when travelling especially till the pandemic's impact is waved away.

From masks, sanitizers, face shield, and social distancing during travel will be a part of our travel itinerary for quite some time, the million dollar question still remains - till when? The short answer - nobody knows. As we enter various phases of unlock, more states will open up for travelers. Even various countries like Antigua & Barbuda, The Bahamas, Bermuda, Austria, France, Cyprus, Iceland, Italy, Poland, Spain and several others have opened their borders for international travelers. But how to prepare for our next travel with new rules & formulas? Here are some ways:

Touchless Travel
We are experiencing the first phase of our touchless travel since Unlock 1.0. Even the hotel check-in will shift to touchless despite all the cleaning protocols in place. Hence automation across the entire sector will become a norm, with biometrics, contactless fingerprint and face recognition being the topping the chart. Moreover, technologies like gesture control, touchless documents scanning and voice commands will also be largely included in the process, and people will also search for hotels that offer such seamless, touchless service but without compromising on the quality of service.

Choosing Travel Destinations Effectively
Hitting the road will become the love of wanderers. Though trips will become shorter and near destination exploration will drive the domestic travel market. Hotels, farm houses, resorts and holiday homes with utmost sanity and touchless service will be searched and booked most. As people would like to travel less during their trips, staycations will be another side of the travel diaries as it offers the much-needed space and quality time, all without the hassle of travelling or going out. No second thought that health of self and family has become the top priority of individuals and hence hotels will have to ensure they fit every checkbox of their client's requirement. Health report of staff, chefs and security will decide whether visitors stay or not.

Responsible Travel with Healthy Cabs
If you are worried about the cabs cleanliness and the rates, then don't be as the car rental companies are also waiting for the market to open up and high rates mean no business. Hence they will likely offer great rates post lockdown. Assurance of sanitized and deep-cleaned cabs post every use, touchless paper works and payments and driver's health report will become quintessential.

More than Passport
Remember the movie Contagion and the wristbands with barcodes! Prepare for that as it may soon turn real and will be one of the most important travel document you need when travelling internationally. Some countries may stop testing visitors coming from different nations and hence they either need to produce certificate of immunity from their country of origin or administration will have to find innovative ways to use tech to deal with it, just like the wristband with barcodes.
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