UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites in India

Out of 30 UNESCO world heritage sites in India 4 are recognized as the natural heritage sites, this spot are major national biosphere reserves of India as well.Here we list-out major natural heritages of India under UNESCO's consideration.

UNESCO World heritage Sites
Kaziranga Wild Life Sanctuary,Assam:The Kaziranga National Park area consists of 429.93 Sq.Km. with an additional area of 429.40 Sq.Km. and situated in the two districts of Assam, namely Golaghat and Nagaon. The total area of the park within Nagaon district is 175 Sq.Km., out of which 135 Sq.Km. falls under Bagori Forest Range office and 40 Sq.Km. falls within Ghorakati Forest Range office. The Kaziranga National Park or the Kazironga Rastriyo Uddan is a reserved forest and one of the oldest national parks in India that is spread over the districts of Nagaon and Golaghat in the state of Assam.Marked as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this park is famous for one-horned rhinos, that makes up to one-third of their world population. Kaziranga National Park is a birding paradise; the grasslands are a raptor country that can be seen on safari makes a remarkable experience.

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