Unsustainable use of natural resources a big challenge

Mexico City, Poverty and unsustainable use of natural resources are the biggest challenges facing the humanity in the 21st century, parliamentarians from across the world who gathered here for a legislators summit said.

According to a resolution adopted at the end of the three-day summit Sunday, legislators noted with serious concern that the world remains on an “unsustainable pathway” and there is need for urgent action.

Nearly 500 legislators from more than 100 countries, including emerging economies like India, participated at the summit held here June 6-8.

The event, called the 2nd World Summit of Legislators, was organised by the Global Legislators Organisation (GLOBE) International with support from the Mexican government and the World Bank.

The organisers said it was the world's largest conference of parliamentarians.

Bhubaneswar Kalita, a Rajya Sabha member from the Congress party, who is also president of GLOBE India, the country chapter of GLOBE International, represented India along with fellow lawmaker from the upper house Vivek Gupta of the Trinamool Congress.

"The aim of GLOBE is not only to educate but to demystify the international negotiations on environment, sustainability and climate change and communicate them at the national and state level across countries," Kalita said.

"This, in turn, enables the legislators in their respective national or state level and push for relevant policies. It also helps them to create awareness among the people in their respective constituencies," Kalita said.

The event was held ahead of the crucial UN Leaders' Summit in September in New York.

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