Utilise natural resources, says Modi on World Environment Day

New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Thursday urged people to utilise the natural resources and said that the government's effort and people's participation can help bring about a cleaner and greener planet.

"Lets serve as trustees, where we utilise our natural resources for the present and at the same time ensure happiness of future generations," Modi said in a tweet on World Environment Day Thursday.

In another tweet, he added: "Along with government efforts, people's participation can make a big difference in creating a cleaner and greener planet."

The prime minister said that World Environment Day is a day to bow to mother earth and to "reaffirm our pledge to protect the environment, making our planet cleaner and greener".

"We are blessed to be a part of a culture where living in complete harmony with the environment is central to our ethos," Modi said.

"Let's ensure that even the smallest step we take in our daily lives will be an effort towards conserving nature and natural resources," he said.

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