Visit These Places to Get Life-Changing Experiences

Bangalore: When you visit a spot where the first dinosaur eggs were discovered, exploring the deep Amazon and the place where the beauty lies in the vast emptiness that connects land and sky, cannot be an ordinary travelling experience. Spotting unique things, witnessing different places across the world indeed makes a great travel experience. If you are an adventure traveler then it's time to unleash your travel passion and go ahead to get the life-changing experiences with these places listed below.

1) The Rocky Mountains by Train
Where: Canada


Breathtaking scenic glacier fed lakes, ferocious rivers, waterfalls, majestic limestone mountains of the Canadian Rockies to skyscrapers, old growth forest, deep valley and snow capped peaks, make the journey on the Rocky Mountains by train a thrilling experience. To experience the life-changing trip, the Rocky Mountaineer is one among the great rail journeys in the world that offers around two-day journeys through the spectacular Canadian Rocky Mountains from Vancouver to Jasper or Banff. By night, travelers can explore spots like Jasper National Park, Kamloops and Vancouver, to name a few, reports Sandra Ramani of
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