Ways to Celebrate Diwali with Family

According to Legends, Diwali was initially celebrated to mark Lord Ram's returned to Ayodhyaa after an exile. After a few centuries to today; Diwali has turned into those time when entire family unites together to celebrate with prayers and lights.

ways to celebrate diwali with family

Yes, there is no other spot like home to be amid Diwali. It is a celebration which is commended with family, companions and dear ones. It gives a feel of togetherness and builds a bond between relatives where seniors gift younger ones. The best place to celebrate Diwali is your own house with whole family.

Rangoli Different designs&patterns

Fundamental geometric shapes, divine nature impressions or blossom and petal shapes. The folk Art, Rangoli is basic to Diwali and very much favorable in India. Design depictions vary as they reflect traditions, folklore and practices, yet the motivation behind the design is thought to bring good fortunes.

Decoration with Diyas

Diyas are one of the broadly essentials of Diwali. According to a renowned myth in Hindu mythology, inhabitants of Ayodhyaa had lighted up with large number of Diyas to welcome Lord Rama and his associate Sita whom he safeguarded from the trap of Raven. Lighting Diyas upon the landing of Diwali symbolizes the triumph of incredible over smart. With its centrality, enhancing home and even work environment with the lines of Diyas has made some stunning advancement recently.
One can add an aura of elegance in your house during Diwali with floating candles. Fill candle bowls, or even heat proof bowls, with water. Next, include a couple of blooms or flower petals in them. Finish off with gliding candles. A great deal is possible with Diyas embellishment as far as their situation.

One day trip/Shopping

A trip to an unexplored temple on the outskirts of the city, temples in the city might be crowded and not so much fun, but a one-day trip to some traditional spots can make your festival valuable. While the elders of the family will enjoy being in the divine presence, the youngsters will be excited for the drive or one can decide to go for shopping because the rivalries are high among online stores in Diwali. Mainstream shopping sites in India have overwhelmed the Diwali markets with best offers and arrangements for the customers to look over.

Sweet eating Competition

we all know that sweets and Indian festivals go hand in hand therefore it's essential to arranged various sweets and exchange in between families and companions amid Diwali. Here is the list of 8 different types of sweets without which the festival Diwali would Be incomplete; Kaju Roll, Jalebi, Kesar Badam Halwa, Kheer, Gulab Jamun, Coconut Ladoo, Besan Ladoo and Dry Fruit Ladoo.

Music and Dance Night

Indian's love song and dance irrespective of the occasion. So, if you want your Diwali to be full of dhamaka, laughter, fun and play then, arrange music and dance party at home.
6. Utilization of Serial lights
Use of serial light makes your home distinctive and stunning where the more the lights, the more the aliveness of the divine festival of Diwali.


While earthy people and green activists have been upholding not to blast crackers on Diwali due to the spurt in air and clamor contamination that it causes in the nation yet its Diwali and crackers have gotten to be equivalent words with the festivals. Crackers lovers keep on searching for latest variants in the market for different types of Rockets.
Keep your child far from the crackers as the hysterical noises can be harmful to ears.
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