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Varkala Beach
Varkala Beach
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Varkala beach is situated in capital city of Kerala Triruvanathapuram . Since Varkala beach is near by 2000 years of old temple called Shree Janardhana Swamy temple and Sivagiri Varkala beach emerged as eminent pilgrimage of Hindus, for the reason that this beach also famed as Papanasam Beach means wash away sins.
Beach gratifies with best leisure time excitements which are enclosed with Yoga, Ayurvedic massages and prominent temple dance in India called Kadakali. The beach is considered as retreat for sun-bathing and swimming especially for travelers who frustrated with peak hours of nearby beach Kovalam.
Treat from several small restaurants, snack shops and pilgrimage temples magnetize large group of people with diversified intention.
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