World's 10 Most Dangerous Airports

Bangalore: Building an airport is a daunting task. It is not easy finding an ideal location that has ample length of flat ground, favorable winds and proper visibility. And most of the times, engineers are left with the task of making the best out of the worst. In a survey conducted of airports around the world comes up with a list that can leave you with Goosebumps if you are landing there.
Have a look:
1. Kansai International Airport
Osaka, Japan

This airport is built on an artificial island that is 2.5 miles longs and 1.6 mile wide. The construction was started in 1989 and by 1994 the airport was ready to attend commercial flights.
The major threat that this airport faces is that of the affects of global warming, a factor that was not considered when the construction started. It is estimated that within next 50 years, this airport will submerge in the waters.
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