World's Best Cities to Travel In 2013

Bangalore: There are many attractions in the world which travelers love to take a glimpse of. Some travelers even prefer to do research on places before they explore. Lonely Planet has come out with a list of the hottest cities to travel in 2013. "Best in Travel is all about identifying destinations which offer the traveler something special," said Tom Hall of Lonely Planet, reports Mirror News.

Check the list below.

1) San Francisco
Best to enjoy- Culture, events, food


San Francisco is one of the sought after city in California. This place is famous for summer fog, Victorian architecture, scenic beauty, cultural diversity and hilly terrain among others. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the famous attractions in San Francisco. Other major attractions are Cable cars, Alcatraz which is a notorious former prison, Chinatown, Fisherman's Wharf-a festive waterfront marketplace, San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art, de Young Museum, the Palace of the Legion of Honor are famous for classical and contemporary arts.
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Reader's comments(3)
1: Absolutely baseless article with no prior survey at all. Hyderabad does not deserve a place on this list. And you're talking about the worlds best cities to live in.
Posted by: Kumar - 30 Nov, 2012
2: I agree. I am from Hyderabad and it is absolutely useless to be in third place here. Absolutely baseless article as Kumar mentioned.
Hari replied to: Kumar post - 30 Nov, 2012
3: These places look nice and good to explore
Posted by: Asin - 30 Nov, 2012