World's Most Luxurious Train Journeys

blue train
Blue Train, South Africa
The Blue Train carries the traveler from Pretoria to Cape Town in 27 hours covering a distance of 1600kms. It boasts of an open observation car, carriages with gold tinted windows, lounges and butler services. Passing through desserts, forests and sand dunes indeed make this journey picturesque and outstanding. The memorabilia you can take away with you is a sherry glass with the logo of the blue train.

rocky mountaineer
Rocky Mountaineer, Canada
This journey from Vancouver to Toronto was named the 'World's top train ride' by The Society of American Travel Writers in 2009. The train runs during the day and takes overnight halts to facilitate uninterrupted viewing through the windows. On this 12 day journey you will come across the snow capped mountain peaks, the scenic greenery and the glacier filled lakes.
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