World's Most Spectacular Beaches

Bangalore: If you are not satisfied or unsure of your next gratifying getaway, take a break and look at what's in store for you in the most brilliant cities of the world. These sunny cities however bring to you a soothing sunbath experience meaning you can take your city break like never before.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Be warned: Rio's powers of seduction can leave one with a bad sense of urge for that incredible desire or 'saudade' that can be felt when you leave. Copacababa and Ipanema are the most famous but a visit to the Buzios peninsula and its hard-working fishermen offer more traditional tastes of the Brazilian beach life that is unforgettable and worth believing.

Cape Town, South Africa


Known as the quintessential melting pot, live with creativity, color, sounds and tastes, any new traveler would love to feel the incredible creative freedom. The unexpected is just round the corner, ready to be explored across the city border. With a high spirited environment of good feel and sociality, the city is known for its beaches as incredible hot-spots. As you move around the coastline, you will find a beach for every occasion. The stylist watchers can set flock west for cocktail sipping at Camps Bay while families head to the eastern side to Fish Heok beach for rugby games on the sand.
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