World's Most Spectacular Beaches

Miami, USA


Miami is beautiful and what keeps its beauty preserved are the bodies of the beaches to the structures of the skyline, with a diversified feeling. Stereotypical neighborhoods own their own stereotypes, and its own exception to the rules. This also remains with the city's stretches of the sand too. South Beach is known for its pretty people, but they are gawked at by the seething mobs of tourists. North Miami beach is where the true people really live.

For windsurfing, one should head off to Hobie or Virginia Key Beach for an experiencing overview of Miami's beaches. This could better be suited with helicopter tours taking off from Watson Island-connected to downtown Miami by the MacArthur Causeway.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


You may be all set tourist taking your feet to snatch that experience that you've always wanted. Dubai should suit you well then. The tiny but turbo-charged city state is a highly developed tourism destination that offers world-class shopping, lodging, eating, sports and relaxation. You can make the most of the sunny skies with a trip to the beach with Jumeirah and Palm Beach known to be famous, but public beaches are at a premium.
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