World's oldest cat is now 24-years old!

London, Meet the world's oldest grandmother - 24-year old Poppy who loves to eat chickens, kebabs, fish and chips.

In we go by how humans age, she is already 114-years-old!

Living in Bournemouth, located in the country of Dorset, England, the cat also shares space with four other cats, a rabbit and a hamster.

Now blind and deaf, she still rules the roost at home, her owners were quoted as saying in media reports.

"Poppy is definitely the top cat, and she is still quite feisty. If one of the other cats tries to eat her food, she will bite them on the ear," her owner told the Guinness World Records officials.

The family is not sure exactly why Poppy has hung on for so long, but West said the cat eats canned and dried food, with occasional fast-food treats.

The oldest cat ever recorded, Creme Puff, lived in Austin, Texas, until her death at 38 years and three days in 2005.

The average indoor cat lives about 15 years.

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