10 Places Indians Must Visit In India

We Indians are travel freaks and love packing our bags and moving out on every vacation that comes by. This is because there is a lot to discover in India and also we need a break from our day-to-day lives.
If you are confused with picking up the right destination for your next trip in India then we have got a whole list of places that you must go to once in India being an Indian.

1. Kashmir

Known as the paradise on earth, it is the northwestern region of the country. People from all across the world come over to discover this land of heaven and so should Indians. The cuisine here is such that you would not find anything even near to these flavours in other parts of the country.

They are very ecstatic and authentic. Along with these the natural beauty all around from Kashmir Valley to the hills and more can just not be described in words.

2. Rajasthan

Known as the cultural hub of the country, people especially from the eastern and southern parts of the country should visit here to discover the diversity of northern India.

Rajasthan is the home to the Great Indian Desert, Thar Desert which must be visited for a desert safari experience which is no less than the one you would have had in Dubai.

3. Chattisgarh

situated in the heart of India, this place holds a wide variety of natural beauty from magnificent waterfalls to caves, national parks and hot springs too.

Amongst all the other waterfalls of the place, Chitrakut falls are the most beautiful as this wide waterfall has forested area all around it and looks the best during the monsoons.

4. Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

Gujarat in itself is a place that must be discovered by Indians but Rann of Kutch is something beyond imagination. This salty wetland has the Rann Utsav during the winters and people from around the globe come to discover it. You must too try to find your way to this place of splendor and magnificence.

5. Andamans

From pristine beaches to the calm sands, Andamans is the destination for the leisure traveller or the water sport addicts. There are various groups which organize interesting water sport itineraries and take you to the middle of the waters for your adventurous treat.
This is a totally different part of India which can be reached through Port Blair as that is the major point for tourists to enter Andamans.

6. Kolkata

The land of yellow taxis, Bengalis and the Howrah Bridge is full of cultural hues and vibrancy all around. There are a number of places that you must visit here, so you should plan out the whole trip for at least 2 - 3 days or even a week to Kolkata.

With Eden Gardens, Victoria Memorial, Calcutta Racecourse in the central Kolkata, there are a number of palaces and temples in the northern part of the city. Southern Kolkata invites you to see Royal Calcutta Golf Club, Birla Temple, National Library of India, and Big Bazaar. You will find the Howrah Bridge and the Botanical Gardens in the western region.

7. Uttarakhand

With its religious significance, Uttarakhand is also known around the country for its natural beauty. In its Garhwal region of the state is the Valley of Flowers, which has been recognized by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site and has some of the rarest of flowers in its valley.

The Valley of Flowers National Park and Nanda Devi National Park are a must-visit to savour the views of the rare flora and fauna.

8. Beaches of Goa

Known as the hub of beaches and leisure travellers in India. Generally people do not prefer coming here during the monsoons but very few know this side of Goa which serves a very different experience during this season.

If you have not yet been to Goa then just pack your bags right away and head on to relax on the beaches and relish the sea cuisine available all around.

9. Kerala Backwaters

Kerala should definitely be on your must-visit list in India but its backwaters should not be missed too. These are amazing during the monsoons and serve its travellers a breathtaking calm experience that they would never forget.

This chain of lagoons and lakes are lying parallel to the Arabian Sea coast and have boathouses running around for guests to enjoy a lone time.

10. Mumbai

The land of dreams, the Bollywood land has the Gateway f India, Juhu Beach and a lot more to offer to its travellers. The star-struck traveller here generally first goes around the houses of the big names of Bollywood which are now a landmark here and then discovers the other tourist spots here. Whether you are a leisure traveller, or a religious traveller or even just love discovering the architectures, Mumbai has it all for you.
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