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5 Most Amazing Churches of Goa

India's most famous tourist destination, considered the smallest state yet the richest one; Goa has its own charm and magnetism that can grips millions and millions of tourists every year.

Considered the paradise terra firma, Goa owns several glorious looking beaches, stunning cascade, world heritage architecture, opaque plant life where the biodiversity hotspots Goa is also personified with its enthralling place of worship.

1. Se Cathedral (1619}

Among the most amazing church in India, the 16 century, Roman Catholic church of Old Goa, the Portuguese structural design church Se Cathedral has the most luxuriousness Tuscan exterior and Corinthian interior design that engulfs millions and millions of visitors annually.

The Asian largest Churches, the Se Cathedral have five bells, among those bells one is considered the Golden bell which is also known as the world largest bell.

The 181 feet gigantic and 250m lengthy church captured 80 years to complete. The myth says that the most popular house of worship Se cathedral's Golden bell could be heard all over Goa.

The holiest church of Goa, Se cathedral is a place of Miracles where visualization of Christ on the rock was found. An amazing church Se Cathedral is the sanctified relics of St. Francis Xavier.

2. Bom Jesus Basilica (1605)

The 16 Century, church Bom Jesus Basilica is famous for its unique baroque architecture. The earth-shattering church dedicated to Infant Jesus, Basilica holds the mortal remains of Saint St. Francis Xavier.

A UNESCO world heritage site The Basilica in Bom Jesus is situated in Old Goa, along with the Mandovi River, the church lies roughly 10 km away from the state capital Panaji.

India's first slight basilica church is considered to be one of the best examples of baroque architecture, the structural design of the church is not metaphorical yet the marble flooring is rooted with prized stones and is a miracle for any visitors. One of the prime focus attractions of Goa, Bom Jesus Basilica literally means Holy Jesus since Portuguese colonization.

The momentous church of Old Goa also the most famous tourist visited church is unbolted from 10.30 am to 6.30 pm on Sunday, on weekdays: 9.00 am to 6.30 pm ,
Masses: Sundays 8.00 am & 9.15 am and on weekdays: 7.00 am & 8.00 am.

3. Rachol Seminary and Church

The Primatial Catholic bishopric church Rachol Seminary and Church situated almost 12 Kms far from the south Margao of Goa, the church sited in the vicinity of the banks of Zuari River.

The Portuguese customary trend church was shortly re-enacted again in 1580 and was renewed into the Diocesan Seminary in 1762. An astounding Rachol Seminary and Church are enclosed by the carcass of a Muslim fort where its striking golden-haired rice fields countryside is breathtakingly miraculous.

In 1616 the replication of Christian literatures first printing press in India was net at the seminary where an exceedingly preserved, 4 centuries old, multifaceted church was dedicated to the creator of the Jesuit, the St. Ignatius Loyola.

According to the mythology, in 1782, sliver of St Constantine bones and a vial of his blood brought from Rome thus the church have a constant figurine of St Constantine.

4. Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception (1541)

The church that lies at the heart of the capital city Panaji, considered one of the oldest Churches in Goa, the City church with an effigy of Mother Mary at the frontage, the 15th centuries marvelously sealed Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is almost 450 years old.

The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception was first constructed in 1541 where the church was completely re-built yet again from its fundamentals in 1619 however the well preserved Church has a simple interior design even though the surroundings environment has core inspiring altar and it was dedicated to Mary Immaculate.

The church is simple yet rebellion of heavily gilds, profoundly carved embellishment, dense and forbidden, At the surface, the church owns granite statue specifically for St Peter and St Paul where towards the south, the main altar is a Chapel of St. Francis Xavier.

5. Church of St. Catejan (1700)

The 17th century, Greek and Italian priest's church, modeled on St. Peters Basilica of Rome. The 300 years old, Church of St. Catejan stands contrary to the Se Cathedral church of Goa.

Fine intend structure of the well preserved church, the Church of St. Catejan ostensibly is short of tourist attention due to its masterpiece nevertheless the 300 years old building has its own charm and attractiveness where the church is considered one of the famous churches that were assembled during the Portuguese regime.

On the face of the church, there are different altars devoted to different holy gods; precisely on the left of the church there is three alters of the Holy Family, St. Clare and Our Lady of Piety. On the right side there are altars enthusiastic to St. Catejan, St. Agnes and St. John. One of the most amazing churches of Goa, the Catejan Church is an illustration of Corinthian architecture.
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