Haunted Places in Bangalore

The supernatural is something that you cannot ignore or Believe in it , there are some unexplained phenomena that are bound to catch your interest. Be it ghosts, demons, witches, spirits, or other yet to be discovered beings.

Here are a few haunted places in Bangalore-

1. Kalpalli Cemetery

Cemeteries are spooky enough already, but this cemetery near Old Madras Road is scarier than your usual cemetery. Several passerbys have reported sightings of a creepy man lurking about the graves at odd hours.

The unease felt at the cemetery will make your hair stand up. Maybe, just maybe, you'll find a few dead who have risen from the grave, taking a stroll in the graveyard.

2. Victoria Hospital

This old hospital located near City Market has been a witness to strange happenings. Ghost sightings have been reported on the premises of this hospital. People have reported incidents in which they've claimed to see a white ghostly figure on one of the trees in the hospital compound.

But more than wanting to scare people, It is said that packets of food have gone missing. An ever hungry ghost is lurking around here, so keep your food safe if you ever decide to make a trip here.

3. Naale Baa

What do you do when a demon/witch comes knocking at your door? Be polite and invite it inside? Well, obviously not! That wouldn't be the best thing to do if you want to stay alive.

Bangalore in the 90's witnessed this extremely creepy phenomenon where a demon/witch would knock the door at midnight and call out to potential victims.

4. The Bangalore International Airport

This is the most recent addition to the haunted places in Bangalore. Pilots have reported the supernatural presence of a lady walking around in white on the runaway. The ground staff has also sighted her in the Cargo section of BIAL.

If anyone approached to help her or enquire anything, she just disappeared. A picture of her using an infra red camera emerged soon after.

5. Terra Vera, St Marks Road

Abandoned house on St. Marks Road is famous with the Bangaloreans for the screams and inexplicable happenings that have taken place. This house on St.Marks belonged to two sisters, Dolce and Vera Vaz. In 2002, the house witnessed a gruesome murder in 2002 where Dolce Vaz, one of the two sisters, was killed by an unknown attacker.

The other sister eventually moved out and the house due to some property issues. But the house has now become well known for satanic signs like inverted crosses, screams, colder temperatures and all that will send shivers down your spine. The house has been demolished but the stories continue.

6. Call-Centre on M.G Road

if you're really on the look out for haunted places in Bangalore, then this is something you shouldn't miss out on. A young woman who worked at the call-centre was killed in a drunk and driving case.

The driver left her there screaming on the road, where she died. Office goers claim that they hear her screaming on the same night, every year. It's exploring time!

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