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Mullakkal Bhagavathi Temple

Mullakkal Rajeswari temple is one of the significant temples in Alappuzha city located in the centre of Alappuzha city. This temple is devoted to Goddess Rajeswari who is believed to be mother of Alappuzha. It was constructed in the traditional Kerala style of Architecture. The major speciality of this temple is the main roofs of the temple kept opened which is specially designed for Vana Devi. The chief deity Goddess Rajeswari is placed in sitting position. Other gods seen in this temple are Ayyappa, Navagraha, hanuman, Krishna with flute and Subramanya and Lord Siva Lingam is located under the tree.

he chief deity of this temple is Goddess Raja Rajeswari. The two major annual festival of this temple are Navarathiri festival and Thaipooya kavadi festival. Navarathiri festival is celebrated for nine days and last two days of the festival is called as Vijayadhasami and Mahanvami. Last two days of this festival is celebrated in grand manner with attractive procession of nine decorated elephant. In addition, many cultural events also take place during this festival like Ottanthullal. Thaipooyakavadi is another important festival celebrated in this temple yearly for one day. During this festival about fifteen Kavadisn take part in the procession in grand manner. Other significant festival celebrated in this temple is Mullakkal Chirappu. Large number of devotees visits this temple during this festival.

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