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 Adoni Andhra Pradesh
Adoni is the place located at the border of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, situated in 300 km from Hyderabad and 494 km from Chennai.Adoni is considered to have been an significant part of the Vijaynagar Empire.In the era of British Rule, Adoni was famed as the local center for businesses. A war between the then ruler Tipu Sultan and the East India Company in the early 18th century resulted in Adoni being constituted in the Bellary district of the Madras Presidency under the British Government. Adoni was under Bijapur in the period of 16th and 17th century.Adoni is well know withAdoni for forts in India. Adoni fort was the the capital city of vijayanagara kingdom at the time when Muslims The Deccan sultanates Won the battle of capital city hampi. .The fort ramparts surrounded by 50 km.

Ranamandala Anjaneya swamy Temple is one amog the famous temple located in Adoni. Adoni in the past was famed as "Yadavagiri". Yadavagiri changed into Adavani under the Islamic ledership.
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