Kailasagiri is located on a hilltop and is a must to visit place for all people travelling to Vizag. This specific scenic hill top has been developed as an attractive picnic spot over the years, with variety of beautiful scenic view points to offer the nature admirer. The entire area is illuminated in the evenings and becomes a object of appreciation for the visitors. The beauty of this place is best to be observed in monsoons, though here we mean not down pouring.
Kailasagiri is a favorite location for the filmmakers all over India.

The major attraction of the park is Lord Shiva Parvathi statue. The idol of Lord Shiva and Parvathi stands tall at a height of 40 ft.The floral clock one of the biggest of India with a diameter of 10 ft is installed here. Sri Maha Vishnu's conch which is 40 meter high stands as another important attraction for tourists.

One more new attraction is the toy train operating at the top of this hill top park. This train takes a round tour of the garden offering great views.

Some of the important places to visit on Kailsagiri are Shiva Parvathi Statue, Floral Clock, Jungle Trails, Food Courts, Shiva Temple, Titanic View Point, Shanti Ashram, View Points, Art Gallery, Road Train, Gliding Base Point and many more.
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