10 Beautiful Cities That Will Keep You Awestruck

Planning on a holiday or are you just curious to know the most beautiful cities in the world, either way this story will surely mesmerize you and definitely make you book your tickets to one of these cities. Here are the ten cities, or rather the most beautiful cities in the world that surely can charm you with their magnificence. So grab your bag and roll your camera, and shoot!


The City for the fast movers has a lot of aesthetic elements to offer as well. The constant lights around the city just stimulate the senses, and the cityscape what New York provides, it's hard to find elsewhere. New York is one of the greatest metropolises, and when you head to the top the twinkling light just keeps you dumbstruck.


The city seems to be overtaken on the tech money that it is making. People, looking for some "hippie stuff", will not be disappointed in San Francisco. Your search meets the same at Haight-Ashbury. For the soothing experience of the city, visit the Outer Sunset, the lush fog will indulge you in the heavenly feeling. The huge dramatic stretch of sand within the city limits with surfers is definitely a treat to witness. Also, before leaving the town, do not forget to try the savory muffin "The Rebel" at the Craftsman and Wolves in the mission.


Fondly known as the "Eternal City", Rome is one such place where everything cannot be covered in trip. Being distinguished from other magnificent European cities by the wealth of ancient sites still evident, Rome houses the most beautiful church and perhaps the largest on Earth - St Peter's Basilica. With its superb architecture, ancient buildings, beautiful pizzas and world class art, the city is still doesn't fail to surprise the tourists.


If you're delighted in spending the entire trip in this Windy City eating Chicago-style hot dogs and deep dish pizza while admiring the local architecture, then Chicago Illinois is the place. A break with a bowl of Bookbinder fish soup, a cocktail in hand will remind you the authentic Old school Chicago.


With the finest Byzantine buildings on Earth, the architecture witnessed in Istanbul is just mind blowing and unparalleled. Istanbul strangling between two continents witnesses cultural dichotomy very evidently. The startling geographic feature that this city exhibits is The Bosphorous, a stretch which separates the Dardanelles Straight from the Sea of Marmara and Asia from Europe. While in Istanbul, the Grand Bazaar is a must do.


"The city of love" as it is said, Montmartre, Versailles, the Champs-Elysees are the names of the city's landmarks which are evidences of legendry romance and love stories. The most profound architecture in the world the Eiffel Tower is the greatest visual icon in the whole of Europe. Paris is known for its shopping, visual treating architecture, and love! So do discover all of these.


The London City, the most visited cities in the world. London has everything for everyone, from culture to fashion, from art to architecture. This country still rules the world with its high currency value - The Great Britain Pound. London is one of those cities which is super organized, be it their law or their business. For a traveler, London is the best for its sightseeing, shopping and some partying. Don't miss the luxurious feel besides the Thames River, sipping on some coffee.


This beautiful city is blended with some urban culture and great outdoors, being situated at the southernmost tip of Africa that is placed between massive and distinctive mountains. You can explode on some delicious and yummy food and explore over Cape Wine lands.


The famous Copacabana beach draws a lot of attention to Rio, or maybe it is just Art Deco statue of Christ that does the job. Either way, this city is just beautifully sculpted and is the best spot for football lovers. A Brazilian holiday is just something a traveler would wish for. Go Brazil Baby!


One of most expensive cities in the world, this sparkling harbor with extravagant beaches and impressive landmarks just keeps you awestruck. This city is considered as the jewel of Australia, for its charm and picturesque coastal paths.
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