10 Beautiful Places To Visit in India Before They Are Gone

We all reach a point when we say the words-'Let's all go someplace nice.' But what if there are no nice places left for us to visit and enjoy? The mere thought is scary. It is true that all good things come to an end and this unfortunately applies to the most beautiful places on earth. We may not be able to visit all those beautiful places in the world but we sure can visit some place in India, which are endangered.

For starters, these are the 10 most beautiful places in India you could visit before they vanish into thin air. So hurry up! Pack your bags and make this weekend a memorable one.

1. Chedar Trek Trail: A Beautiful Trail

If you have bucket list of places you must visit in India, you must add Chedar Trek Trail to it. The frozen Zanskar River and the trail of Chedar trek have a lot of stories to tell us. But the ongoing road construction connecting Zanskar to Leh will change all that. So before you miss the opportunity to spot the beauty pay a visit to the place.

2. Western Ghats: Abode of 300 Threatened Species

Builders and Developers, the new species of humans who have crept into Mother Nature's treasure didn't spare the Western Ghats as well. And the Mumbai-Pune Expressway no longer makes the place inaccessible, so go while you can or very soon the trees and hills will be replaced with commercial complexes and housing plots.

3. Balpakram Forest: Land of Spirits

Amidst the South Garo Hills in Meghalaya lies the Balpakram forest covered, canyon-cum-gorge. Adding to the beauty, the local belief is that the hills are the resting places for the departed souls. This table land is dressed in nature's best with variety of wild life most of which are unfortunately endangered. With all the dams around I wonder where these souls will fly to. Go visit the forest well before it's on red alert.

4. Dechen Namgyal Monastery: In the Winsome Land of Ladakh

The Monastery that dates all the way back to 17th century, the architectural marvel is the stand-out here. It is probably one of the few pieces of architecture that is remained of the ancient Ladakh. Insufficient funds and pending repairs have ruined the structure already. Get there before you hear the news of its collapse.

5. The Sunderbans: Host to the Gems of Wildlife

The UNESCO's world heritage site covered with the largest mangrove forests in the world is also facing a threat from increasing global warming. The fear is that the rising levels of water might completely submerge the mangroves anytime soon. This will leave the already endangered Royal Bengal Tiger homeless as well. Run to West Bengal to get a glimpse of the remaining Sunderbans.

6. Ram Setu: the Adam's Bridge

The disappearing Ram Setu might be good news for the navigators, as a cut across the bay would form a sip channel. A chain of limestone shoals which form a bridge between the Pamban Island and the southern tip of Tamil Nadu is a must watch. Many legendary stories from the Indian epic Ramayana surround the bridge. You have got see how that looks like.

7. Hemis National Park: A Paradise of Snow Leopards

Do you fancy a chance to spot the most mysterious animals in the world? We are lucky to have them in India itself. Hemis National Park in the north of Himalayas has been the battle ground of man-animal conflicts resulting in some irreversible changes. Sneak a peek into the park before it's completely unavailable.

8. Chiktan Castle in Kargil: The Castle on a Cliff

Chiktan Castle is probably the model for the castles in Disney movies. You must look at the beauty of this castle emerging from the cliff. Chiktan ruins served as the Royal Residence for several centuries and was constructed by the excellent Balti craftsmen. Chiktan Castle is worth visiting to understand one of the ancient art forms, which is almost extinct.

9. Majuli: Iconic River Island

Majuli, on the banks of the holy Brahmaputra River is one of the largest river islands in the world. The life in the island and the beauty of the river is almost surreal to believe, Like many other places in this list, Majuli has been the victim of heavy soil erosion and floods, taking the island closer to its expiry date. But a visit to this island will be cherished by all.

10. Valley of Flowers: Carpet of Alpine Blooms

It is ironic that most of the endangered places have been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites; perhaps it is too late to give this status to them citing the extensive deforestation in Uttarakhand. Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand, is a simple example of heaven on earth. Though the region is almost inaccessible throughout the year looks like the tree fellers have the access to the dense forest.

Humans have come a long way over the centuries, but if this evolution is at the cost of Mother Nature's exploitation, we might as well stop right here and put an end to the progression. The only respect we can show towards this natural creation is by paying a visit to these places before it's too late.
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