10 Things You Should Never Do In India

Clothing Rule

Majority of Indian people dress conservatively and it is advisable if you do the same, especially when you are in rural areas. It is better not to wear revealing or tight clothing especially when you visit places of religious significance.

Handshake rule

In India, it is generally not acceptable for men to shake hands with a woman until and unless she offers the same. If she extends her hand, you should reciprocate otherwise it is better to join your palms and wish her in Indian style.
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7: Well, I don't think all things said above are vey true. India is never that much strict about smoking or shaking hands with females. You can not be over romantic, but can be a bit in public, I don't think people in metro city would even notice. You'll find people smoking everywhere, except some holy places or where it is said not to. Indian people are good, never hesitate to ask for any help. From gentleman or a lady.
Posted by: Vijayraj - 30 Aug, 2016
8: Absolutely true statements. Very nice list of things to know for foreign travellers. Thanks to siliconindia to present positive aspects of INDIA.Pokemon on iPhone
Posted by: shreya - 28 Apr, 2016
9: Nice Article
Posted by: Rahul - 26 Mar, 2015
10: It is wise to get to know these things.
Posted by: Pascal - 15 Nov, 2014
11: Absolutely true statements. Very nice list of things to know for foreign travellers. Not limited to only these 10 but there are several other things too. Please be aware. It is such a beatiful country for hospitality and visiting with strong heritage and culture.
Posted by: Sri - 08 May, 2012
12: Some more:
1. Don't wait for the traffic to stop for you when you want to cross the road. Follow what others do.
2. Do not eat beef in India. Indians sell old and sick animals to the slaughter house.
3. Do not listen to most Indian Tom, Dick
Posted by: Mahesh - 21 Apr, 2012
13: We Indians are talkative, Please openly defend yourselves if you don't like the topics of discussion
sam replied to: Mahesh post - 26 Apr, 2012
14: it is very good report it must be read by many foreign nationals who are visiting india these are good things about india
Posted by: Vinod Nainwal - 20 Apr, 2012
15: Things mentioned here are true. Indians are conservative about their religious matters. They shower blessing on those who respect their culture. So avoid doing things not permitted in their culture. Come to India and share beautiful memories with Indian places and Indians.
Parul Marwah replied to: Vinod Nainwal post - 23 Apr, 2012
16: Happy to hear the positive side of India,but no mention of photography restrictions,especially religious sensitive areas
sam replied to: Parul Marwah post - 26 Apr, 2012
17: ALL mentioned statements are really true...these can be proved beneficials for the people of other countries who visit India..thanks to siliconindia to present positive aspects of INDIA.
Deepali Juneja replied to: sam post - 12 May, 2012