5 amazing things to do in Antarctica

Antarctica, the southernmost continent and site of the South Pole, is a virtually uninhabited, ice-covered landmass. Most cruises to the continent visit the Antarctic Peninsula, which stretches toward South America.

1. Hiking through Snowy Mountains

After two days at sea the long-awaited White Continent will finally emerge. You will get to touch the untouched and adventure into the unknown for your first Antarctic landing! Trudge through the snow-laden grounds and the mountains for the endless awe-inspiring views that Antarctica has to offer.
For those adrenaline seekers, you will even have the chance to sled down some of the hills on your booty.

2. Polar Plunging

Polar plunging is exactly what it sounds like - completely submerging your body into the icy Antarctic waters. A once-in-a-lifetime experience for those who think they can bear it. There is no feeling quite like stripping off six layers of clothing as snowflakes drift down around you, despite the inner conflict between your body and mind.

3. Baby Penguins & Penguin Colonies

You will bear witness to many penguin colonies - Gentoos, Chinstraps, Adelies, Magellanics, and even King penguins. Sit down, look around, and revel in watching the curious ones waddle over to you.
Enjoy seeing them trip and fall, slide on their bellies, and shuffle along ever popular penguin highways. If you are lucky enough, you may just get to witness a penguin egg hatching, revealing an adorable, fluffy baby penguin.

4. Zodiac Cruising

All aboard the zodiac for a relaxing, jaw-dropping experience. As you weave in and out between icebergs, you will begin to grasp the sheer grandiosity that is Antarctica.
Be sure to be on the look out for penguins jumping in and out the water, Leopard seals gliding by, birds flying above, and even whales whose wake will rock your zodiac!

5. Sea Kayaking

This option must be booked prior to departure if you are interested in doing this activity during your expedition. If you so choose, you will be sea kayaking to and from the landings zodiacs still bring kayakers ashore, but they often spend little time there and paddle instead. Work your arm muscles as you undertake this unique way of experiencing Antarctica.
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