5 Fascinating Sacred Destinations of India

Sacred sites are found all around the world that fills the heart with divine passion and holiness. These amazing sites have histories that can be traced back to centuries and pilgrims consider visiting these places as an achievement that can be cherished throughout their lifetime. Our country India is an ideal option for pilgrimage with its unique and spiritually rich destinations, where people get the opportunity to wash away their sins and feel the divine beauty. Some of the most fascinating sacred destinations in the country are-

Golden Temple-A Spiritual Heritage


The charismatic Golden temple is a prominent pilgrimage destination which is fully alive with religious passion and purity. The temple which is commonly known as Harmindher Sahib is located in Amritsar and it attracts thousands of Sikhs from all over the country. This unique and charming place becomes even more beautiful and captivating during night time when it is completely lit up with its striking gold dome illuminated. A combination of Muslim, Hindu and European design principles were used in the construction of Golden temple and this historical site has become a major tourist destination over the years.
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Reader's comments(4)
1: what i personally think is you guys forgot major destination.. Vaishno Devi in this list. Even in heavy snow falls 1000s of pilgrims reach there for Maa Vaishno Devi darshan... Jai Mata Di.. :)
Posted by: Ashish Gilhotra - 29 Feb, 2012
2: what about Tirupathi Balaji temple.this article is incomplete one w/o tirupathi Balaji temple
raghu replied to: Ashish Gilhotra post - 03 Mar, 2012
3: Good summary of diffferent places of interest within those well known destinations!
Posted by: raju - 28 Feb, 2012
4: good article!
Posted by: Adarsh - 27 Feb, 2012