5 Indian States with Lowest Literacy Rate

Literacy is the key to Socio-economic development of a Nation. India has a large number of illiterates when compared to other countries, though the literacy rate has increased in Post-Independence era still the nation is struggling to improve the literacy rate.

The reason why illiteracy still exists is due to improper facilities in schools, even less number of schools and lack of proper sanitation facilities in school. Poverty is one of the main reasons to send the kids to schools. Here is the list of 5 least literacy states in India.

a wide gender disparity in the literacy rate in India- effective literacy rates (age 7 and above) in 2011 were 82.14% for men and 65.46% for women. The low female literacy rate has had a dramatically negative impact on family planning and population stabillisation efforts in India. Studies have indicated that female literacy is a strong predictor of the use of contraception among married Indian couples, even when women do not otherwise have economic independence. The census provided a positive indication that growth in female literacy rates (11.8%) was substantially faster than in male literacy rates (6.9%) in the 2001-2011 decadal period, which means the gender gap appears to be narrowing.

1. Bihar

Literacy Rate: 61.80
Male: 71.20
Female: 46.40

2. Arunachal Pradesh

Literacy Rate: 65.38
Male: 72.55
Female: 53.52

3. Rajasthan

Literacy Rate: 66.11
Male: 79.19
Female: 47.76

4. Jharkhand

Literacy Rate: 66.41
Male: 76.84
Female: 52.04

5. Andhra Pradesh

Literacy Rate: 67.02
Male: 74.88
Female: 58.68
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