5 Most Recomended Wedding Resorts near Bangalore

4.The Courtyard House

The Courtyard House, concealed in a calm path off Sarjapur Road in Bangalore is a unique and unconventional property,suited to an assortment of private occasions. Most every now and again picked as a scene to have insinuate weddings,private and business photo shoots, and additionally end of the week excursions.

Encompassed by garden and open space it is ideal for facilitating private occasions. The open air space attracts individuals hoping to get away from the clamor and commotion of the city without venturing too far out. The green grass and tall trees make for incredible photographic settings, making it prominent for wedding occasions. The littler pockets crosswise over work well for to those endeavoring to have hint occasions, or for an end of the week away with family and companions. The Courtyard House emerges as a perfect scene for those hoping to appreciate an extensive outside space.


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1: Whistlingwoodzs in Dandeli offers a dreamy destination for your luxurious wedding. Indulge in breathtaking landscapes and premium amenities, creating unforgettable memories.
Posted by: whistlingwoodzs - 27 Jul, 2023
2: Next month I am going to get married, was looking for the good resort thanks for you update
Posted by: Arihant - 11 May, 2018
3: thanx for the list .. we were searching for this .....

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