5 Places Where Indians Are Banned In Their Own Country

From North to South and East to West, India is filled with communal harmony, democracy and freedom of citizen rights which makes it the most subtle place to be born or live in.

Indians have the right to travel around all the corners of the country with full freedom, but is it actually true? Doubts arise when we come across some instances where prominence to foreigners is more than Indians in the country which we think is ours, they are-

1.Uno-In Hotel - Bangalore

The Uno-In Hotel in Bangalore started in 2012 to catering the needs of Japanese nationals in the city in association with Nippon Infrastructure Company. Situated on Langford Cross Road in Shanthinagar, the Uno-In hotel houses a Japanese roof top restaurant called Toppen which is exclusively for Japanese. This niche in here is the reason the hotel got popular, stopping Indians from entering the roof top exclusive. The Greater Bangalore City Corporation soon shut down the hotel on racial discrimination charges.

2.Kasol Cafe - Kasol

Kasol is known to be the party haven after Goa in India, the place is so laid-back with music everywhere. Here even the lodges with 4 to 5 rooms are sure to play its music right out in the open. Due to this culture the place attracts foreigners who are looking out for a good time.

But the place in Kasol the Kasol Cafe is a paradox, not allowing Indians inside and giving some reasons of 'membership' cause.

3."Foreigners Only" beaches - Goa

Goa is the right place for the party frenzies from all around the world, the city with its etiquette beaches is the party capital of India. But some beaches or beach shacks mainly abhor Indians from entering, mentioning that Indians leer at the foreigners which is uncomfortable for them, so the shack owners do not allow Indians in the place that is their own.

4.Highlands (Pseudonym) lodge - Chennai

Get an entry if and only if you have a foreign passport, local or in the country tourists are restricted. The lodge is a Nawab's former residence in its deteriorating stages with plaster peeling everywhere is situated in Triplicane.

5. "Foreigners Only" beaches - Pondicherry

Another place where just the same reason is mentioned in Goa beaches are used is in Pondicherry. The beaches are serene and open but not the place. Respect the foreigners but remember the place you're in, though the foreigners may bring in revenue it is not the right way to deal with one's own countrymen.

The reasons behind their astonishing behavior may be numerous and some serious issues, but harboring this way of treatment questions the freedom of Indians in their own country.
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1: How about work force in above places where Indians are not allowed?
Posted by: Nayyar - 02 Jul, 2016