5 Weirdest Tourists Attractions in Asia You Have To Try

"Give people bread and entertainment!"- shouted someone long time ago in the ancient Roman times. Although since then the world has changed dramatically but these two demands remained.

Because of this reason, all over the world, you can enjoy different types of entertainment suitable for all kinds of travelers.Some of them are pretty conventional like visiting museums or main tourists destinations while there is a group of attractions which will be loved by those tourists who look for something unique.

Today I and hotel booking site Travel Ticker selected the five most enjoyable and most bizarre entertainments, which you just have to try out one day if you ever go to Asia.

Elephant shows in Thailand

Being in Thailand and not seeing any kind of advertisements, inviting tourists to ride on elephants or to watch their various shows is mission impossible. These intelligent animals can do absolutely incredible things:paint pictures, play basketball, darts or even football, and you can check their skills in a few Thai shows.Usually after a bit of riding on elephants, all people gather in the one area, where trained elephants demonstrate their talents, which doesn't end with those we mentioned before.

Thailand now has only several thousand elephants, although in 1850 the country had around 100 000. Of this number, the vast majority of elephants are domesticated. However, not all of them are treated equally well. Therefore, when you are going to choose entertainment do that very responsibly and support only those people who work with these gigantic sweethearts without harming them.

"Kayak football" in Macau.

To visit Macau is itself a strange experience. This autonomous region in China is about 65 km to the west of Hong Kong and up until 1999 was still a part of Portugal.

Macau has a reputation of Asian Las Vegas - where you can find many casinos, and because of this Macau is pretty loved by tourists from all over the world. But if you are looking for something of more original, and you are travelling not alone, but with a group, for instance, we suggest you trying out.

To call his "sport" volleyball won't be a mistake as well because the rules are vague or pretty loosely interpreted. Entertainment, excitement and water will be all over you, and you will get a one of a kind point of view to enjoy fantastic and modern Macau's architecture too!

Flying in a hot air balloon in Bagan, Burma.

Bagan's temple complex is one of the most photogenic, not only in Asia but also all over the world. To this day, there remain more than 2,200 temples, which can be viewed in various ways - on foot, by car or bicycle. However, you won't miss anything if you decide to enjoy these buildings beautiful and mystic images from a hot air balloon in the early morning. That might cost a bit more, but trust us - every second spend on air admiring such beauty will pay off!

However, if your budget is limited - do not get sad. Most temples are built in pretty great shape, so getting on them and enjoying beautiful panorama from the top will be almost equally impressive.

Live in Iranian homes.

A few days spent at an Iranian family house is indeed an unbelievable experience, primarily because the number of people calls Iranians as one of the most hospital nations in the world.

Perhaps there is no better way to get to know and understand the Iranians than living together with them just for a few days. So if one day while travelling in this country you get offered to use this opportunity be sure to use it! You might not only get a rare chance to try out amazing Iranian hospitability but also find new friends you will be happy to have for the rest of your life!

Kong Lor cave, Laos.

Central Laos has one of the most impressive parts of the country - the Kong Lor cave with an underground river in it.

The view from further away is quite misleading: flowing river seems to disappear at the edge of a vast mountain. Cave itself by its size or appearance does not look quite impressive. But everything changes when you come closer. When there is not much of natural light, the entrance to the cave looks like the huge fish's throat. When you go deeper, it will get darker, but there will be enough light to find your boat floating in the river and take a swim in this amazing nature's wonder.

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