6 Perfect Foreign Destinations for Bachelor Parties

Most of us encounter this situation; we are puzzled to decide whether to throw a bachelor party inside or outside the country; worry not, the world is not same everywhere. Across the globe, there are various countries, wherein party lovers go gaga; of course, we have several destinations in our country itself. But, one last party of bachelor life should be more than something usual, thus here goes the list of 6 foreign destinations that are perfect for bachelors.

1.Las Vegas

Each and every party savvy from all parts of the world know that Las Vegas is an international capital for the party lovers. The city hosts all the activities that are perfect for the bachelors, may it be casinos, pubs of all assortment and night clubs, the city is all set welcome anytime of the year.


Yet another American city, Miami is a holiday destination at Florida's southeastern tip, the city reflects the Cuban culture and night life is considered to be one of the most electrifying in the world. Bachelors, who embark to city, take part in the beach parties that is one among popular activity in here.


Macau, the Las Vegas of Asia is the trendiest destination for the party enthusiasts of the continent. The region is a special administrative state of the Peoples Republic of China. Since it was colonial region of the Portuguese Empire until 1999 from the mid-16th century, the city is mixing of the Chinese and Portuguese cultures and architecture.


Amsterdam, the city of freedom is a true European city for all the youths to spend their bachelor life. The city is remains calm and serene under the sunlight, but the buzz begins after the sun is down. Downtown of the city, lights up with all the glamour in the night and the party trend begins. Do not forget to take a ride on the canals of the city.

5.Ko Pha Ngan

Most of the Asians choose Thailand to flare up their bachelor life, but which place in the whole country Though, Thailand houses many tourist destinations, Ko Pha Ngan is considered to be best for bachelors. Ko Pha Ngan is an island region of the Thailand and Full moon party at here on special occasions attracts around 7000 to 10000 crowd across the globe.


Manchester, the Spanish city that is renowned for pub culture all across the world, therefore the city is one among the most sought after destinations for bachelors in Europe. The city is rich in history and culture, hence it offers many historical edifices all around the city, which is a visual treat and the night is when party enthusiasts become super active as it hosts variety of pubs and night clubs.
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