7 Incredible Rail Journeys of India

Bangalore: To know the real taste of India, traveling by train is the best way to experience real India. Rail journey in India is one of the most heartwarming experiences which travel lovers would explore at any given time. The pleasure of being in a train and gazing at beautiful landscapes from the window seat is one of the most exciting experiences.

Kalka to shimla

When it comes to incredible and amazing rail route journey, the first route that comes to our mind is Kalka to Shimla rail route. The majestic toy train journey from Kalka to Shimla is a real treat to people who are passionate about rail journeys. The railway track was first introduced at the age of British government in the year 1903 and was named as little meter-gauge railway. The total distance covered between Kalka to Shimla is 96km and the train passes through 102 tunnels and 87 bridges. The route offers beauty at its best; the five hour journey is one of the most beautiful rail route journeys to enjoy. The toy train passes through hills, valleys and lush forest of oak, rhododendron, Deodar and Pine trees. Throughout the journey, the most exciting thing to observe is that the train moves in upward direction till it stops at Shimla. Moreover, this 96 km Kalka Shimla toy train route was declared as the world heritage site by UNESCO in the year 2008, reports Piyanka, Indiamarks.
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