8 Addictive Street Foods Of India

Competition exists in all fields of work. So it's seen in the Indian market of street food and junks. Vendors by the road put in the correct portions of sweet and salt, chilly and chips to bring out a crunchy wholesome snack.

With rise in demands, the number of street food vendors has increased in the country. Yet, some have earned place in the heart of the Indians over the years. Their business is not a one day affair. Their attempt to be the best has been over generations with modifications in methods of preparation and recipes.

1. Dahi Bhalla, Chandni Chowk

The popular evening snack or dessert Dahi Vada is called Dahi Bhalla here. 'Dahi' in hindi means curd. This sweet preparation contains fried balls of vadas in a smooth thick curd base. Tamarind chutney is added on top like chocolate sauce, to give it a sour touch with chili powder and more. If you reach the food street of Chandni Chowk, dahi bhalla might be common in many stores. But to experience the best walk up to to Nataraj Bhalla store. They are masters in this dish since ages.

2. Basket Chaat, Lucknow

Descending down from the capital of the country, the next food city is Lucknow. Here, Basket Chaat of Royal Cafe is worth a try. If you are in Lucknow, or planning for a trip there or even in a day's halt - do be here to try this famous dish. They put in all ingredients of chaat within a big fried ball of puri and the entire combo is eatable. A plate full of basket chaat with some of their other snacks like Pav Bhaji or Panipuri can make your meal for the day. End the endeavor with Matka Kulfi.

3. Dal Pakori, Jhaal Moori, Kolkata

A walk around the City Of Joy will make you see many Jhaalmoori wallas but to get the real taste of it, be around Vardaan Market, one of the popular mall around Theatre Road. The specialty here is you won't have to instruct the vendor to get your perfect combo. The expert's just twist and turn all the ingredients in a tumbler, to give you the delightful experience. When you be there, don't miss their dal pakori. You can go on munching these tiny balls of pakodas while getting inside the mall and pick up some more plates while leaving.

4. Kachori, Kota

Kachodi, the Indian snack or bread is found all across the country. Yet none can take over the Rajasthani city of Kota when it comes to the variety and quality of this typical Indian delicacy. When you reach the gates of Jodhpur Sweets, one of the popular confectioners in Kota, do start the kachori journey Daal Kachori, Pyaz ki Kachori and Mawa ki Kachori.

5. Ghugni Chaat, Varanasi

Just because it's a pilgrim spot, there won't be food highlights? The city is recalled for its Ghugni Chaats, also referred to as Kashi Chaats. In fact, if you pass through Moghalsarai/Varanasi station, vendors come to the train window to slip in small paper plates filled with chaats at the cheapest of prices to let your food journey shake hand with Varanasi. Once you are in the city try these at the Gondawar intersection and remember, the chopped coriander, onions, spices are extras on your plate and you can ask it for free for more than once.

6. Pani Puri, Mumbai

If one takes a trip around India, they can make an endless list of chaats and chips found by the streets of the country. In this list, the first place is definitely reserved for Pani Puri, the King of Chaats. So, where do you get the best Pani Puri in India? Ask any Indian and they will tell you more than three places. The answer is Juhu Beach, Mumbai. The pani puri here is special with the view of the Atlantic and the gurgling sound of the waves.

7. Samosa Chaat, Allahabad

Samosa might be common across India. But samosa chaat in particular belongs to Allahabad. You might have tried the fried samosa with sauce or chutney. Here they add more to it. Some spicy gravies, fresh veggies, peanuts, nuts, crunchy chips, curd and sauces to make the samosa tastier and faster to consume. Here, samosas are made in varied sizes with different sorts of fillings. As desserts you should also try 'badaam milk' or 'lassi' in this city.

8. Ragda Patty, Papdi Chaat, Ahmedabad

The Maharashtrian snack of Ragda Patty is found be most delicious in the state of Gujarat. In Ahmedababd, while this snack pleases you, you can also try few of their Gujarati platters. From the Gujarati snack list, do try undhiya, dal dhokli, patra and basundi. Your destination to try these drooling dishes is Manek Chowk .

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