9 Incredible Once in a Lifetime Travel Experiences

What is your idea of once in a life time travel experience? An adventurous trip, picnic to a farm or an exquisite tour to France, it could be anything. In a world so wide and beautiful it is certainly difficult to pick one place. To simplify the process here is a list of incredible travel experiences you must take once in a life timeas given by Lifehack-

1. Wildlife Safari in Tanzania

There is something about those animals and vast national parks which can simply take your breath away. Tanzania is a must visit for wanderlusters, the country boasts as many as 17 national parks and unique wildlife. This is ought to keep your memories bright for decades.

2. Grab a Beer at Munich's Oktoberfest

Be a part of that one day when the Germans lose their stiffness and go crazy on a beer party. Going crazy out of the limits is a must try once in a life time it is worth the hangover. And yes it fun to watch the Germans loosen up.

3. The Northern Lights in Sweden

If you want to witness the true colors of incredible Mother Nature, Sweden is the place. The beautiful blend of green, indigo, purple, yellow and pink is a treat to the eyes. A magical sight that would make you shed those valuable 'happy tears'. No kidding! Be there at Abisko National Park in Lapland and get a glimpse of what nature saved for the northern dwellers.

4. Dive into the Great Barrier Reef

Well a dive in here would define why it is called the 'Great' barrier reef. With beautiful coral formations of all shapes and colors spreading across 2600 kilometers is beyond what a human eye can grasp. The Great Barrier Reef has a whole new Universe treasured beneath the surface and a dive into that universe would leave any human speechless.

5. Climb the Iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge

What's in a bridge right? Well you got to climb one of the most beautiful bridges-the Harbor Bridge in Sydney. From atop the bridge one can get view of the long harbor and the Sydney's Opera Theatre. The bridge is a beauty.

6. Bungee Jump at Bhote Koshi River

Sometimes we have to release that stored up frustration, and bungee jumping is not a bad idea. This is highly recommended to anyone in their good health; Nepal's Bhote Koshi awaits the most thrilling experience in life. Bhote Koshi is the longest bungees in the world as you jump from the bridge into the 160 meter deep river gorge. So who is up to for a thrilling jump?

7. Watch the Komodo Dragons in Indonesia

Stay away if the reptile family creeps you out. But all those wildlife lovers out there, Indonesia's Komodo Dragons better be on your check list. Komodo is the largest lizard species on planet earth and let me tell you they are not as ferocious as they look as these huge lizards are laziest of all the reptiles. One must watch these fellows basking in the sun.

8. Watch the Sunset and Sunrise at Uluru, Australia

Nature can never disappoint us, it has just the right thing we need. Witness the magic happen at the sacred Uluru stone in Australia as it turns deep brown and red, creating vibrancy in the sky and around you under the first rays of sun. Come back at sunset when the monolith is colored bright orange! Everybody at some point of time in life wishes, for good things to be stalled and Uluru does that magic for you.

9. Take a Slow Ride in Mekong

Mekong lake in Laos is the right place to reminiscence the beauty of the life we lived. Take the slowest boat ride in the Mekong lake, watching the far away hills and enjoy the pleasant silence while the fresh breeze brushes your face. Fast is better but slow is good and also helps you think laterally. This ride definitely is a onetime experience.

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