9 Things That Make India Incredible

Incredible India! Yes it is. 29 states, 7 Union territories, over 700 vernaculars and infinite cultures, festivals and celebrations-make up the wonderful country it is today.It is a fact that about one-seventh of the world population resides in India alone. So of course, any event including death is widely celebrated here.

India has numerous stories to tell the world from Indus Valley civilization to the non-violent freedom struggle And this centuries old long history has given us some incredible things to show off to the world.

1. Vibrant Culture

India is one of the few ancient countries in the world that abides by its culture till date. From the north to the south and from east to the west, ethnicity in India has various forms and colors. And is a true treat to the eyes. Dance and music are integral part of Indian culture, and they vary from state to state.

And the architectural marvel in India is a miracle to modern science and engineering. The rich and prosperous history that the country once had is reflected in those old forts which still stand strong and tall. Also four of the world's major religions were born in India, which explains how India is so diverse.

2. Cricket Gala

An Indian is ought to be a cricket fan and most of the cricket frenzy populations in the world are from India. India cricket team has produced some of the finest cricketers in the world from Kapil Dev to Sachin Tendulkar.

It's a family game too. Several family gatherings, marriages often have cricket matches and the match is enjoyed by kids as well as the oldies. The game doesn't have barriers like class and status; it is played and enjoyed equally by the rich as well as the street kids. The kind of love Indians have for this game is crazy.

3. Drama-Box-Bollywood

The entertainment platter in India serves dramatic Hindi films, melodious music and the crazy dance sequences in a three hour long silver-screen production. Bollywood, is the Hindi film industry which is world famous for its exemplary film making skills. Some of the best directors in India are praised internationally. From Satyajit Ray to Yash Chopra, several film makers have made some epic films that are just a treat to watch.

It is not just the Hindi film industry but even the regional film industries like Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Bengali are popular in India.

4. The Indian Railway

Oldest and the longest. Trains in India have made some revolutionary changes. Railways in fact changed the course of Indian economy. Indian Railways cater to thousands of middle and lower income households and are the best and cheapest mode of transportation considering the millions of people in the country. A ride on Indian locomotives in some of the beautiful tracks is a must in India. Indian Railway is a massive success running 11,000 trains in a day, is not a joke.

5. Festivals

Festival of lights, festival of colors and festivals of joy. There are numerous festivals in India. Festivals are the byproducts of ages old Indian history. And the bright side is that there are just as many holidays as the festivals, which gives another reason to celebrate. Popular festivals like, Diwali, Holi, Dussera, Christmas, Eid are celebrated by all Indians with insurmountable enthusiasm. Celebration is just as important as working hard and the country certainly lives by it.

Festivals in India are celebrated with immense joy and the more important part about them is the delicacies which are prepared that day. Let's get to the food later.

6. Spirituality

Anyway looking for a spiritual living? Your destination is India. Spiritual living can be led by anyone and anywhere but the way to do that is only taught in few places; and one such place is India. India is one of the spiritual hotspots.

The eternal meaning of life is hard to find it seeks calm and composed mind without distraction. In fact all the temples in India are built with such metals which spread positive energy that helps a spiritual living.

7. Jewelry

The beautiful Indian Jewelry is a priced possession. The intricate designs with precious gems and stones embedded into the gold and diamond strings are marvelous pieces of art. This is again an art that has been taught by the ancestors.

There are jewels and precious stones in other countries too but the Indian jewelry makers just take this art to another level. Indian jewelry designs are bought on orders all over the world.

8. Freedom Struggle

India's fight for freedom is popular across the globe it is this nation and its great leaders who taught the world the peaceful road to struggle. It was the unique nature of this struggle the non-violent principle followed by the Mahatma Gandhi that stunned the world leaders. Their contribution in the struggled is honored till date.

The events and actions that led to the freedom of India from British rule are being taught in many schools as a part of world history. Indian freedom struggle of all other struggles is remarkable and most appreciated.

9. And Comes the Food

Indian delicacies are relished by most people across the globe. Indian sweets and condiments are transported to different parts of the world in large quantities. It is traditional, rich and authentic meal which in most ways is healthy too.

Secret recipes for these heavenly foods were discovered ages ago. Indians have customized food according to their weather conditions like the northern region who live in much colder conditions therefore they prefer rich food with fat content. Whereas the south Indians who live in hot climatic conditions have lighter food with more spices.
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