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Aletsch - the Region Surrounding the Largest Alpine Glacier

Incredibly immense, incredibly beautiful: the Large Aletsch Glacier is the Alps' mightiest ice flow. And the most popular, for it is easily accessible and is ideally situated for extensive hikes, winter sports and special nature excursions.

The Aletsch region is part of a Unesco World Heritage Site. And not just because the "Large Aletsch Glacier", which carries an incredible 27 billion tons of ice, is the largest glacier of the Alps. The entire region is a habitat for many rare animal and plant species, for instance in the Aletsch Forest. The Pro Natura nature reserve is located close to the forest.

Innumerable vantage points offer a good view of the glacier, such as the Bettmerhorn above Bettmeralp. Eggishorn, which can also be reached via cable car from Fiesch via cable car, offers a magnificent view of the winding upper part of the large glacier. Lake Märjelen, which is fed by glacial meltwater, lies at a corner of the ice flow.
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