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Ana Sagar Lake, Ajmer

Ana Sagar Lake
Ana Sagar Lake is a famous artificial lake sited in the city of Ajmer. It is was built by Anaji Chauhan, the grandfather of Prithvi Raj Chauhan, in 1135 -1150 AD and is named after him the border of lake is Surrounded by the splendid Aravalli Hills, since Ajmer is one of the oldest and the most beautiful cities of Rajasthan.

Thousands of tourists from all over the country visit the city for one of the most admired shrines of India: Dargah of the Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti well known as "Ajmer Sharif". But there is one more place that proves to be a feather in the cap for Ajmer. It is the beautiful and pleasing Ana Sagar Lake. This man-made lake has been the ultimate beauty of Ajmer ever since 11th Century.

The entire lake is extending over thirteen Kilometers. There is a Circuit house on a hill near the lake that used to be British Residency. An island situated in the center of the Ana Sagar lake which is easy to get to by boat or water scooter which is available in lake. Visitors could be hired Boats and water scooters from the east side of the Dault Bagh.
The lake is bounded by some of the spectacular piece of attractions of the city like the marble pavilions built by Mugal king Shajahan. further this, a pretty shrine of Khobra Behroon on the banks of this artificial lake offers a pleasing appearance to the ambiance.
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