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Badal Mahal, Bundi

Badal Mahal, Bundi
Badal Mahal is well known as palace of clouds which is located on side of Gaibsagar Constructed inside the Kumbhalgarh Fort; Badal Mahal is famed for its unique design. Palace was built in two different time period.In initial stage Maharawal Gopinath constructed Verandah and ground floor. In second stage, by 1609-1657AD Marahawal Punjraj constructed verandah in front of ground floor, first floor and dome, separately from making some renovations in the construction done in the initial stage. Badal Mahal is constructed by Dawra stone.

There are one half ripe lotus each on all the three domes and three half ripe lotus on longest dome of Badal Mahal, which gives a sticking beauty of this palace. The Mahal offers a remarkable bird's eye view of the in and outside the fort.
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