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Balark Sun Temple, Barmer

Balark Sun Temple situated at a distance of 42 Km from Barmer town, Balark Sun Temple is located atop a rocky small hill in Juna Barmer. The temple is sited near the ruins of an old Barmar fort, which is extend over an area of around 15 Balark Sun Templesq km and is bordered by the remnants of Juna Barmer.

This temple is dedicated to the Sun God. In fact, the very name Balark denotes Rising Sun. The entry, decorated with golden colored statue of Sun God is in itself is a remarkable sight. The other appeal close to the Balark Sun Temple are the Jain Temple, Mahaveer Park, Nakoda Temple, Rani Bhatiani Temple, Chintamani Parasnath Jain Temple, Devka Sun Temple, Juna Jain Temple and Safed Akhara. The Balark Sun Temple is invites every one weather it’s Devotees, tourists, history buffs, archaeology students and photographers will enjoy a trip to the Balark Sun Temple in Barmer.
Local transportation modes are available to reach the Balark Sun Temple from Barmer. The best season to visit the Balark Sun Temple will be the winter season extending from November to March.
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