Top Destinations in Gujarat


Bulsar is one of the tourist attractions in Surat in Gujarat. This tourist spot is located very near to Surat. Tourists from different parts of the country as well as nature lovers visit Bulsar. During the months of October to March, it is an ideal time to visit the tourist spots in Surat.

Bulsar district of Gujarat is mainly known for a national park. The national park situated in Bulsar is known as Vansda National Park. The tourists can arrange jeep safaris to go around in the park. They will get to see many wild animals there. In Vansda National Park, leopards, panthers, tigers and wild boars are found. It is a haven for the wild animals and it is a pleasure of the animal lovers to observe them closely.

Surat in Gujarat can be reached by trains that are available from some of the major cities in the country. Tourists can also avail airplanes or bus services to reach Surat. Once the tourists reach Surat, they can avail any means of local transport to reach Bulsar.
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