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How would it look like if we brought together the best of both worlds? The hilly region of Karnataka's the Western Ghats and the fascinating views of Goa! Experience this twin delight in the town of Dandeli. Located in Uttara Kannada, or the Northern Karnataka, the hill station- cum-town of Dandeli is an emerging hotspot for adventure lovers. Based in the vicinity of the Supa Dam Reservoir, this small town at a little over 500 km from Bangalore are a water sports hub and an adventure destination.
A local legend states that the city is named after Dandelappa, a local deity, a servant of the Mirashi landlords, who lost his life because of his loyalty. An alternative legend states that a king named Dandakanayaka passed through the forests and named them after himself, and the city is believed to stand on the place where Dandakaranya stood when he named the area
Dandeli is surrounded by natural, historic, and religious landmarks: the River Kali, the caves of Kavla, the Syntheri Rocks, the Ulavi temple, Sykes point and the Supa hydroelectric dam. Karnataka's power corporation is situated in Ambikanagar (18 kilometres or 11 miles from Dandeli), where electricity is generated through hydro-power. Nagajhari power house is also there.

Best Time To Visit

- Dandeli is perfect to enjoy during the winter the temperatures are lower.
- Dandeli temperatures lies 16C- 29C for the first five months and last 3 months.
- For cost effective trip, summer is the best time not very hot the fun is almost same with 33C-39C.

So just decide a date, gather your friends or family and pack your bags as we have listed down some of the best attractions in the town of Dandeli for a hassle-free trip. Get ready to roll

5 things to do in Dandeli

- River Rafting in Kali River
- Leisure Jungle Stay in Dandeli
- Wildlife Safari in Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary
- Kayaking
- Hike to Syntheri Rock

5 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Dandeli

- Kavala Caves
- Ulavi Temple
- Shiroli Peak
- Anshi National Park
- Supa Dam

1.Kavala Caves:

Kavala Caves

Kavala Caves are limestone caves located 25 km away from the base camp at Dandeli. Kavala caves are situated on the face of one of the mountains in the heart of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. These caves are very tiny in dimension and an interesting way to enter them, after climbing down 375 steps one reaches the Cave entrance, and then has to crawl 40 ft deep through winding and have a lot of stalagmite formations. There is a particular huge stalagmite, which is revered by the local people as a Shivling. A temple stands in front of the caves. The naturally formed Shivalinga is a miracle of nature and should not be missed.

2.Ulavi Temple:

Ulavi Temple

This Ulavi is a jewel in the crest to the beauty of the sylvan woods of the north of Uttara Kannada district. From Dandeli one has to cross the river Kali to go to Ualvi. After traveling about 11 kms from dandeli one finds Patoli Cross ,wherein there is an inner route via Goondh,Syntheri rocks,to Ulavi,apart from the usual route via Kumbarwada and Joida.If you take on the goondh route an adventurous feeling along with the nature will be felt,crossing many streams and world famous syntheri rocks.Here we find the stream Kinnari Bommayya known locally as Kaneri River.

3.Shiroli Peak:

Shiroli Peak

The peak is called the sunset view point and it offers excellent view of the peaks located in the Western Ghats. It is a much visited spot. Tourists can also get a fascinating view of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary from this point. The majestic Western Ghats are also visible from Shiroli Peak. Shiroli Peak is located within the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, at a distance of about 25 km from Dandeli. Highest point in the Uttara Kannada Region, it offers beautiful view of the peaks of the Sahyadri Range.

4.Anshi National Park:

Anshi National Park

The park is in the ecoregions of North Western Ghats montane rain forests and North Western Ghats moist deciduous forests, both of which are deemed endangered by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).The forests have high biodiversity The best months to visit are October to May. The park is open from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. The nature camp at Kulgi has accommodations available in tents (two beds each), deluxe tents (two beds each), and a dormitory with 16 beds. The climate is quite humid year around.

5.Supa Dam

Supa Dam

The dam is situated at GaneshaGudi, which is in Joida taluk of Uttara Kannada district. The power house at the foot of the dam has two electricity generators of fifty megawatt each. The electricity generated is supplied to different parts of Karnataka.

This dam has 3 gates and its filling period is from June to November, Depletion period is From November to May. it was built across the River Kali or Kalinadi by Karnataka Power Corporation Limited. This dam has a power house at the foot of this dam with two electric generators. They are of 50 megawatts each. In 1985, the power house was commissioned.The dams has live storage capacity of 145 (Thousand Million Cubic Feet) and a catchment area of 1,057 Sq.Kms.

By Felisha Rita
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