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Sultanpur National Park and Bird Sanctuary is an excellent destination for bird watchers. Large numbers of migratory birds visit the place from October to March; they are especially attracted to the fish and insects that flourish during floods.

Sultanpur bird sanctuary was upgraded to a National Park in 1991. Watch towers are located in different parts to facilitate better bird watching. There are more than 450 species of birds in the State of Haryana. Some of the popular birds include the purple sunbird, gray and black francolin, egrets, weaver birds, doves and mynahs. Flamingoes, cranes and wagtails are some of the common migratory birds.



Panchkula district has the Morni Hills - the only hill station of Haryana - a salubrious and calm place. During the monsoon season, a carpet of lush green grass covers the hillside which makes it look like a green carpet rolled out and it forms a grazing ground that attracts the black buck and Neelgai. Tigers and panthers can also be spotted, while foxes, mongooses, jackals and wild dogs are to be found aplenty.
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