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Kaylana lake Jodhpur

Kaylana lake Jodhpur
Kaylana is an artificial lake, constracted by Pratap Singh in 1872. The lake spreads over an area of 84 sq km. Kaylana Lake is enclosed by a garden known as Pratap Sagar, where variant species of birds can be seen. The major attraction of the lake is the incredible view of the sunset from here.

One can always get the beautiful view from the middle of the lake on a boat. It is a paradise for bird watchers and photographers, who get a spectacular view of the local birds and wonderful sights. Earlier, the region adjoining the lake had palaces and gardens of two Jodhpur rulers namely Bhim Singh and Takhat Singh, which were destroyed to build the Kaylana Lake.

Spread over 84square kms of land, Kaylana Lake is the main resource of water supply to the city, where water comes as far as from Himalaya through Indra Gandhi Canal.The natural flora here typically consists of Babool trees (Acacia nilotica), and various migratory birds such as Siberian cranes are seen here in the winter season. There is a narrow strip of land separates Kaylana from another lake called Takhat Sagar
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