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Kuruva Dweep

Kuruva Island is a group of three islands located in the middle of east flowing Kabani River. Kuruvaisalands is also known locally as Kuruva Dweep. Kuruvadweep is spread across 950 acres. The area of Kuruva Island is filled with thick and green forest. It is uninhabited and hence is rich in wide range of flora and fauna, rare species of birds, herbs and orchids.

The specific geographical characteristics of Kuruva Island make this place very calm and the forests are always evergreen. These mind blowing characteristics have made this place attractive to the tourists who are nature lovers or travelers who love silent atmosphere. Other unique characteristics of these islands are the bridges made of bamboo and rare species of trees.

Kuruva Islands are surrounded by streams and can travel through the rivers by using the boats provided by the Kerala Tourism Department. It will take around three hours to cover each island. Entry to this island is restricted by the Forest department and a pass is mandatory during rainy seasons and the frequencies of animals are higher.
This island "Kuruva Dweep" is 15kms away from Mananthavady, 58kms from SulthanBathery and 40kms from Kalpetta. Frequent bus services are available from Manathavady to visit this tourist place of Kuruva Islands.

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