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Makaravilakku festival

Makaravilakku festival
Makaravilakku is a Hindhu religious festival held on 14 January in Kerala at the shrine of Sabarimala. The festival includes the Thiruvabharanam (sacred ornaments of Ayyappan) procession and a congregation at the hill shrine of Sabarimala. An estimated half a million devotees flow to Sabarimala every year to have a darshan (vision) of this ritual.

Makara Jyothi is a star which is worshiped by pilgrims in huge numbers at Sabarimala Temple in Kerala on Makara Sankranti on 14 January every year. However many devout Hindus claim that Makara Jyothi is the celestial lighting which takes place on Makara Sankranthi day and they believe that Lord Ayyappan asserts himself as Makara Jyothi to bless his devotees.

Akaravilaku Festival lasts for seven days and end ritual known as ‘Guruthi’ . It is an offering conducted to propitiate the Gods and Goddesses of Wildness. No one remains in the temple premises after the performance of ‘Guruthi‘.

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