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Manipur: Where the Gods Took to Dancing

The jewel of India as it is known, Manipur nests in the slopes of the south flowing sub-Himalayan ranges in the north east of India. Manipur is characterized by its two distinct physical regions- an outlying area of rugged hills and narrow valley and the inner area of flat plain, with all associated land forms. Manipur has been home to over thirty ethnic groups across history with varying responses to the ever-changing cultural and geographical environment. The picturesque tiny state is situated amidst smoky blue hills and evergreen scenic beauty. It is not just the gateway to the north-eastern region but also a fascinating destination for discerning tourists. It is also the birthplace of polo.

With Imphal as its capital, Manipur has a population of 2,721,756. It stands 22nd in the terms of population and 23rd in the terms of area in India.

It isn't known just for its famous Manipuri dance, the Loktak Lake and Sendra Island; Shree Shree Govindajee Temple, Keibul Lamjao National Park, Bishnupur and Kaina are worth a mention and a visit too.

The Loktak Lake is the largest fresh water lake in the North east region. It's like Manipur's own inland sea; one can get a bird eye view of life on the lake small islands from the tourist bungalow set atop Sendra Island. Bishnupur is famous for its 15th century temple of Bishnu. Built with small peculiar bricks that are believed to be of Chinese influence is famous for its historical importance. Bishnupur is also famous for its chiseled stoneware. A hillock about 921 meters above sea-level and a sacred place for Hindus, Kaina is charming and religious.

The late Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of Independent India, called it "The Switzerland of India" and it proves to be so.

More Facts:

Capital: Imphal

Population: 2,721,756

Closest airport: Imphal airport

Top tourist attractions:

1. Imphal
2. Govindajee temple
3. Manipur state museum
4. Manipur zoological garden
5. Bishnupur
6. Loktak lake and Sendra island
7. Keibul Lamjao National Park
8. Kaina

Official languages: Manipuri, English, Hindi

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