Places To Visit In Andorra

Andorra offers a top class European experience for the tourists; hence being the most sought after tourist destinations in Europe. This small land locked country borders Spain and France. Nestled among the Pyrenees mountain ranges, the nation's top earnings come from tourism, where more than 10 million tourists visit each year. The nation's warm hospitality coupled with duty free purchases has catapulted the Principality of Andorra to one of the favorite tourist hot spots in the world. Some of the prominent places to visit in this mountainous country are:


This capital city of the Principality of Andorra is the highest capital in Europe, having the popular ski resorts and is a tax haven. The country made liquor is cherished for their taste while the imported ones are considered to be of lower quality. The old fraction of town has many houses of ancient Roman styled architecture. There is a medieval era bridge, the Bridge of la Margineda and metal engravings by a prominent sculptor in the vicinity. There is a Romanesque church, the Church of Saint Andreu, dating back to 12th century, which can be visited after reservation. There is another 12th century church, the Church of Sant Esteve in the old town, which is open from July to August. The grandeur of the Andorran mountains can be savored from the town square. In addition, a hot water spa and massage center named, Caldea is renowned among the travelers.

Sordeny Nature Park

The place near Ordino, the parish town of Andorra is a popular summer retreat for hikers. Here, you can spot Chamois, belonging to the goat-antelope genus and other wildlife species in this Nature reserve. Its proximity to the capital, Andorra la vella, which is at a 15 minutes drive, makes its easily accessible for a day trip.

La Cortinada

This sleepy town is just 20 minutes drive from the capital. The place has an idealistic Andorran flavor, having San Marti Church, which is famed for the stunning frescoes.


This place is famed for some cheap skiing fun during the winters. The adjoining hills are worth to explore on hike or biking during cooler months.

The pas de la Casa resort in Encamp

The place has a vivacious nightlife, attracting hoards of skiers and snow boarding enthusiastic. It is also the most visited destination for winter sports in the country. There is the famous National Automobile Museum at Encamp, show casing some of the vintage cars. In addition, there are many shopping centers most frequented by the tourists.

There are ample of attractions such as musical concerts, high altitude ski resorts and trek trails to explore among the other parish towns in the rugged mountains. The local food such as the Gofio Escaldon, balls made up of maize flour served with dipping; and the Paps con Mojo, the potato dish can be relished across the restaurants in towns. The other famous ski resort in Andorra is the Ordino-Arcalis sector ski station at Ordino parish town. The valleys are home to many alpine trees and unique birds of ecology such as Craig Martin and Greenfinch. There are numerous grassy meadows, making a perfect high altitude picnic spot. Hazelnut trees, raspberry and the rock rose shrubs, having aromatic leaves are among the distinct botanical species of the place.
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