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Shopping , Sports & Night life in New Zealand

Shopping , Sports & Night life in New Zealand
Shopping in New Zealand

An outstanding number of international and local shops exist in New Zealand. These shops give the opportunity to the buyers to pick up a wide array of products, consisting of award-winning fashion clothes, outdoor clothing and equipment, craftwork and electronic goods. The shops include goods and service tax (GST) in retail prices.

Shopping Hours

Though New Zealand shopping hours varies a great deal but then the shops are generally open from 9.00am-5.30pm, Monday-Saturday. Few of the shops remain open on Saturday mornings and even 9pm on Friday or Saturday night. Whereas most of the stores in towns and cities are open on Sundays for somewhat limited hours, 10am-4.30pm). The city shops remain open seven days a week. Everyday till late in the evening or sometimes for 24hours the supermarkets are left open. Stores that are meant for the tourists are generally open everyday, frequently with extended hours.

Where to go

It is difficult to shop from somewhere that is not your native country. While shopping it is very important to find the "right shop to get the right thing." You may not find the shops grouped together as you expect it to be. The shops sometimes even do not sell the expectant things. In New Zealand's main centers the regular CBD retail outlets are located. These retails shops consist of department stores, selling quality brands and exclusive products as well as souvenir shops. Those who are passionate about shopping can check out the malls offering fashion, food and fun. The factory outlets are devoted for selling well known brands in clothing, kids wear, sportswear, shoes, accessories and music. It offers a 70% off on the normal retail prices. As you go throughout the country you will find a number of designer boutiques, galleries, souvenir shops and specialty shops. There are also arts and craft shops of which some offers the opportunity to see skilled craftsperson at work.

Duty Free Shopping

In New Zealand you will find the cheapest duty and tax free shopping of the world. The duty and tax free stores are located at International airports of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, as well as in many city and tourist centers. One thing that you should be conscious of is the fact that compared to the other countries you cannot claim back tax on any purchases made here. To avoid such a condition you can either make large purchases at duty free stores or you can purchase duty free goods online prior to coming. While you purchase you will need your passport and airline ticket or the boarding pass.
Fresh fruit, Vegetables and the Dairy
In New Zealand there are plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables which can be easily purchased directly from the farmers. At the farm gates of the countryside you will often find saleable goods. If you are unattended you can just pick up what you want and then put the right amount of cash into the container provided. In New Zealand this is called the "honesty system". In the suburbs New Zealand's corner stores popularly known as the "dairies" stock groceries. It is a convenient place to pick up bread, fresh milk, ice-cream, postage stamps and newspapers.

Sports in New Zealand

The clean and alluring outdoors, rugged landscape and the mild climate in New Zealand gives an opportunity to its natives to indulge themselves into sports of different kinds. This is reflected by the percentage, equaling to 35 percent of the adult population, belonging to sports of some kind or the other.
Some of the popular sports are:

- Rugby: Among all sections of New Zealand’s society Rugby Union is the most favored one and the people often associate it with their national identity. During the beginning of international matches the All Blacks team traditionally perform a haka, a traditional Maori challenge.

-Cricket: In New Zealand cricket is the highest profile summer sport. It is not widely played at the national levels as in case of rugby.

-Golf: New Zealand can be the ideal destination for a golfer with about 400 golf courses which is much ahead of its population. The major season for golf is March -October. The green fees vary from club to club, $10 to $40, depending on the location and the standing of the club. Also there is the provision of hired equipments and resident professionals. New Zealand can boast of prestigious PGA golf tours.
- Motor Racing: Motor Racing has an ardent following in New Zealand. New Zealand has produced world class champions in Formula One Grand Prix as well as Motor Racing. There are many levels of motor sport series in New Zealand which can merely be broken down into-
Water sports-Hydro-planing, Jetski Racing and Thundercat Racing.

Automobile Racing-Club and national level circuit racing and rallying, with some international events, as well as speedway.
Motorcycle Racing-Street, Circuit and Dirt/ Motocross.
- Horse Racing: In recent years though it has lost its popularity still it is considered as an important part of New Zealand's culture. This sport in New Zealand is connected with gambling. Those who are passionate about this sport should spend a day at the "gallops" or a night at the "trots". Bookmaking is banned and the minimum bet is only $1.
Other sports in New Zealand

The other types of sports in New Zealand include:
- Netball
- Soccer
- Yachting
- Equestrian
- Gliding
- Orienteering
- Mountaineering
- Australian rules football
- Olympic Games

Nightlife in New Zealand

Every city in New Zealand has nightclubs and the smaller towns have a pub, also known as public houses, where alcohol is served. The nightlife in New Zealand is pulsating and diverse. Varying things could be done here from dining out in restaurants with a play afterwards to just drinking and dancing till the early hours. New Zealand's nightlife offers variety of things to the nocturnal according to their age. The list is endless to choose from a variety of nightclubs, cabarets, pubs, concerts and live performances. The young and the energetic enjoy hearing to live bands whereas the more matured and old ones get attracted to the jazz venues. The kind of music played and the dance types differ from nightclubs to nightclubs. New Zealand's quality live theatres though being diversified guarantees that the interests of different age groups are catered to.
The major cities of New Zealand are filled nightclubs, cinemas, restaurants and bars. The smaller towns also comprise numerous boutiques, cinemas, and a wide array of local pubs which are also known as public houses.
Wellington is considered as the nightlife capital of New Zealand. It is jam-packed with bars, nightclubs and pubs that are definitely going to suit your taste as well as pocket. It has cozy pubs dishing out Guinness and live jazz music. Wellington is well known for its restaurants, wine and coffee shops with more than 300 cafes situated throughout the city.
Courtenay Quarter is the place where you can have 24 hours of non-stop experience. New Zealand’s Symphony Orchestra and the Royal New Zealand Ballet could be found here.
Those who want to have a more thrilling experience can try their luck at the New Zealand casinos with a wide range of gaming tables and machines. A person should be of 20years or above for getting an entry into the casinos. Occasionally the casinos offer restaurants, live music and dancing.
Legally drinking is allowed within the premises only if you carry a photo identity to prove your age as 18 years. A New Zealand Pub Card, Current passport or photo driver's license are the identity cards which are only accepted. Also it is illegal for the owners of the licensed premises to serve to intoxicated people. The New Zealand police abstains the drunk drivers from driving and severe penalties are given to those violating it including the bicyclers.

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