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Singapore Night Safari

Encounter with the wild in the nocturnal habitats. Singapore Night Safari welcomes one and all as it is one of the world's first wildlife park that offer tour inside the park to see the nocturnal animals and their activities during the night time in colorful shades and contrast.

Spreaded in 40-hectare, Singapore Night Safari is internationally known for of its kinds as the park is home to 1000 nocturnal animals of 100 different species, some of which are endangered and commonly found. The park is well organised for tourists as they can enjoy the Singapore Night Safari tour with truly unique experience going through walking trails or by tram. But among all most of the tourist prefer to navigate the jungle the park through Tram as one can view 18 exhibits but through walking tourists can experience and see all the 41 exhibits.

Singapore Night Safari is one of its kinds and more of all is the uniqueness and the well organised services that give thrilling as well as fun-filled experience that will engrave in the heart forever. You can feel rightly the leopard walking inside the park or the bat flying just over head or the thrilling sounds that shiver your from inside and much more. Truly Singapore Night Safari is going to offer you truly unique experience of Singapore tour which will make you visit this "Tourist Paradise"again and again.

Inside the park one can enjoy the irresistible delicacies and crunch snacks at the exotic restaurants, while you will be overwhelmed with the hospitality and the services. Well it is sure that you will truly have an exhilarating experience with Singapore Night Safari as you will view varied species of nocturnal animals like deer, hyena, tigers, lions, capybara, giant ant eater, roaming actively inside the park.
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