Singapore has been described as a thriving cosmopolitan city that's brimming with diversity, as well as a multiplicity of culture, language, arts and architecture. Just like other destinations, the city has her own unique set of offerings that sets her apart. "Uniquely Singapore" was designed to show the rest of the world what Singapore is really about-warm, enriching and unforgettable.

But we live in an ever-changing environment, an increasingly digitised one for that matter. For Singapore to continue to excite and appeal, she has to constantly evolve to present new and engaging travel experiences.

YourSingapore takes over from where "Uniquely Singapore" has left off. The focus is visitor-centricity, meaning the experiences are made wholesome and personal, drawing their allure from the breadth and richness of attractions many have grown to love here in Singapore.

Travellers will be enabled to design their own journeys-ones they can call their very own. Undoubtedly, each account will be different, but they will be personal and that is what will make them even more intriguing. A multitude of stories told through the eyes of travellers from all over the world, or sometimes even local residents. Some intimate, others adventurous. But each remains personal and truly unique. And that's how we want it to be for everyone.

Take your time to explore and discover just what awaits you here. With a slew of new lifestyle picks, web tools, recommendations and even a holiday planner at your fingertips, you can decide how you want your Singapore holiday. It's really easy and fun, simply because vacations are supposed to be.

So what will your Singapore be? We say make it your own at
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1: Singapore is indeed diverse. It reminds me a lot of San Francisco.

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Posted by: AndersonSmith - 06 May, 2014
2: I am going through this post and thinking of it’s theme and trying to understand what is this post about. At last I can have found something from this post which feels pretty good.
Posted by: pradeep - 02 May, 2014