Sinthan Top Kashmir

Sinthan top is a spot 12000 ft above sea level in Kashmir which is midway on the newly opened Anantnag-kokernag-Sinthan-Kishtwar road. The road has been built and is maintained by BRo in excellent condition. It is 132 km from Srinagar.The journey is in itself an experience and once you reach the top it is 360 degree view, and snow everywhere. You can get down from the car and walk on snow.Sinthan Top is perhaps one of the best natural beauty area I have seen in Kashmir.

Sinthan Top
The new highway is well-built and secure and almost effortlessly takes you to Sinthan Top. The vast majority of tourists are unaware of this place. The Sinthan top is around 12000 ft above sea level and is one of the finest experiences ever. Getting there may take a lot of time and energy for those who are occasional travelers but it is a place which is a must see for everyone.
The road up is usually met with snow-formed streams at many places. The water level in these creeks is less and moves slowly throughout the year, thus offering an ideal spot for photo snappy tourists. Stop by, sit and relax on this gigantic stone with a calm but cold stream flowing beside; a sight that simply mesmerizes your senses. Once you reach the very top, you would be simply blown away by the amazing vastness of the green mountains.

April to June is the most popular time for tourists to visit Sinthan top as the weather is cool and temperatures range between 10 degree Celcius and 30 degree Celcius.
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