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Tezpur is located amidst tea gardens and military cantonments on the north bank of the Brahmaputra which is 181-km northeast of Guwahati. The pleasant little town of Tezpuris surrounded with several lakes that stands on the site of Sonitpur. Undulated green valleys surrounded by hills of Arunachal Pradesh, with snow capped peaks of Himalayas as the northern backdrop, lush green tea gardens and magnificent archaeological ruins have all contributed to make Tezpur a tourist`s delight. Literally meaning full of Blood, it is named after a mythical battle between Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

History of Tezpur

Sonitpur, as ancient Tezpur was known in the olden days is a city steeped in mythology, legend and folklore. The City of Blood Sonit of Tez Blood, Pur city conjures up images of the romantic legend of Usha and Aniruddha and of the fierce battle between Hari and Hara. Old Darang became today`s Sonitpur - Tezpur being the district Headquarters of Sonitpur.

According to the legend, Darang was the capital of demon King Banasura, an ardent follower of Bhairavnath, incarnation of Lord Shiva. Usha, the beautiful daughter of King Bana happened to see her love in her dream. Following the description of Usha, her confidante Chitralekha portrayed it in painting. The lover was none other than Aniruddha, Grandson of Lord Krishna, King of Dwarka, who was finally found out and the wedding of Usha and Aniruddha took place according to Gandharva tradition.

When it came to the knowledge of Bana he sent Aniruddha to prison. To rescue his grandson Sri Krishna came from Dwarka. In response to the call of his devout Bana, Shiva also came there. When the appeal for rescue failed sword fight ensured between Hari (Lord Krishna) and Hara (Lord Shiva in the form of Banasura), resulted in bloodshed in the entire town.

Orchid garden at Tipi Since then the town has been named as Sonit or Tezpur meaning A blood stained town. Bana was vanquished and Usha and Aniruddha were united forever. Usha and Aniruddha settled on the Bamuni hill, 5-km away from the city. The ruins and remains of Agnigarh where the immortal romance blossomed still bear mute testimony of this legend.

Along with legends Tezpur also has some historical rock edicts of 829 AD. It had been a major kingdom of Gupta Dynasty who ruled over the area for centuries.

Geography of Tezpur

Tezpur has some of the most fast moving rivers of North east India. Because of terrain these move fiercely toward the foot hill s of Himalayan mountain range. The place experiences severe winter during the month of January. The town is situated beside the river Brahmaputra. Surrounded with some picturesque hillocks this is one of the most artistic towns of Assam.

Culture of Tezpur

Tezpur`s contribution to art, culture, literature particularly to the freedom struggle has earned for her a unique niche in the history of Assam. Chandra Kumar Agarwalla, Ananda Agarwalla, Dandi Kalita and a score of others enriched Assasmese literature.

Rup Konwar Jyoti Prasad the doyen of Assasmese art and culture was an artist, poet, literature, dramatist, lyricist, filmmaker and a fearless freedom fighter. In 1942, for the first time in entire British India, the Tricolour was hoisted in the police station at Gahpur, a quite town under Sonitpur district. Fourteen year old Kanaklata braved British bullets and died holding the national flag aloft over here.

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